Qantas Business Class BNE-SYD

Qantas Flight 505 BNE-SYD (Brisbane to Sydney)

July 2014
This is the continuation of my award flight from this post. I redeemed 125,000 American Airlines and paid $153.30 in taxes for this round-trip award ticket. As of August 2017, this award now requires 160,000 miles.

My prior Qantas flight from Dallas actually continued on to Sydney, unfortunately, the award ticket I booked had me on a regular domestic flight (flight 505) so I had to go through customs and take a bus to change terminals.

After arriving at the domestic terminal and going through security, I went to the Qantas lounge & watched the sun rise while eating pancakes.

Sunrise from the lounge at Brisbane airport

After a brief layover, I headed to my gate and boarded the plane. It was nice that 4A, the window seat on the left, was on its own, so there was no one right next to me.

Seat 4A
Leg room

Every seat (even in economy) had iPads with preloaded music, movies & TV shows. The iPads had some sort of security feature that made sure passengers returned them to the seat back pocket.

iPads for everyone! Wonder if they still do this.

I was served breakfast again (my 3rd breakfast of the day!) I declined the main entree (I think the choices were some sort of granola cereal or an omelet), and opted for just the yogurt and bread.

My 3rd breakfast of the day

After a short 90-minute flight, I arrived in Sydney.

Landing in Sydney

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