Success! Wyndham Visa Approved

A little over a week ago, I applied for the Wyndham Rewards Visa credit card as part of my 3-card app-o-rama. My application wasn’t immediately approved; instead I received a message that my application needed further review.

This was no big deal as it has happened with other applications, including my Arrival Plus app last year. I decided to wait and see if it would be approved with no effort on my part. If I was denied, my plan was to was call and see if I could move some of my credit line from another Barclaycard to the Wyndham.

As it turned out, they called me (surprisingly, on a weekend). I almost didn’t answer the call, but I was glad I did. The analyst asked me to confirm my date of birth, employment status and reported income. She mentioned my credit report and current reported balance and asked me what I use my other credit cards for. I said that I pay all my monthly bills with credit and pay off the balances every month. She was satisfied with that answer and told me that I was approved for the Wyndham card. However, Barclays had already extended me all the available credit they could and I would need to move credit from either my Arrival Plus or Aviator card. This was great for me and I agreed to move credit.

I should be receiving my Wyndham card in the mail soon. As a reminder, I applied while the card offered a 45,000-point sign-up bonus, which can be used for 3 award nights at any Wyndham property. Now I just have to decide where to use those free nights!

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